Stargazing: The Universe and I

I am staring up into the darkest, winter night sky. The moon is new, taking a night off and the air is crisp and clear. I am astounded by how many stars there are above me, only 20 minutes from the light polluted suburbs. 

There are meteors falling, space matter crashing from its orbital soaring in to the atmosphere of my planet and burning away before my eyes. I feel the weight of this universe on me now as gentle and as tight as the skin over my flesh.** This weight binds me, intertwines me with all of perceivable life. It holds in the reverberations of the whole universe, a vibrating energy within me. I am by my self but I can never be alone. What I see outside of me currently, this cosmic light show, this meeting of worlds, is but a sampling of what I carry inside of me. I am of an endless capacity, which I will never see to become full. Boundless. A simple, finite, human. As inconsequential as the next speck, yet a key stone among all.  Each one of us, the most important creation.

**The universe is my skin. We have known each other always and I fit seamlessly into it. It grows with me. It protects me. I damage it. I keep it clean. Through it I perceive at the most intimate level. Through me it comes to life and remains in motion. The universe and I. 


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