Cohutta Wilderness Weekend!

As typical, it had been too long since I updated. But I come baring gifts of a photographic nature! (no pun intended)

In the beginning of November, my brother and sister in law were able to fly down from New Jersey for a weekend and the whole family went backpacking. Yes, we even convinced our mom to go. I am surprised she complied after Blood Mountain this summer.

We hit the trail head just about sunset and descended into a mountain valley via the Panther Creek Trail in the Cohutta Wilderness, a beautiful little sanctuary in north west Georgia. Several camp sites lie in the valley just moments away from a really neat waterfall that over looks the mountains. But nothing describes it better than photos!

This is an overlook as we were nearing the trail head. The Cohutta Wilderness isn't much more than a labyrinth of dirt forest service roads with lots of great trails.

 Here is a little pano from the top of the waterfall. It is a really cool place to watch the sun set or just hang out and take in all the greatness around you.

 This is my brother poking around the fire, as always. I have got to say though, he is a Michelin star chef among backpackers! And check out this great site. Three sides of notched logs to sit on. Someone paid attention in boy scouts. 

 This is just an example of the sort of things the catch my attention about nature. Love it. 

And this is how I leave my mark behind.


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