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A Reintroduction

Over the last few years, I have given up the blog. I have given up writing altogether, really. It's a shame, because I enjoy it, but also because it is a very integral part of who I am. I love to write and it is one of the few things I do effortlessly. Never perfectly, but with far more joy and grace than I can bake something from scratch or complete a basic mathematic task.

In the loss of writing, I lost a lot more than I bargained for. It took a long time to figure it out, but I finally have. By writing, I commune with myself. I am 100% introvert. I love people and I am great with them, but I recharge by spending time on my own. I can do that just fine without writing, but when I don't write, I don't speak with myself. I don't get to know my true, unaffiliated feelings and thoughts on any given topic. It is important to know yourself, but how can you be anything more than an acquaintance to someone who you don't hang out and talk with?

I think my methods may be a…

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