We left George and Karen's house just outside of Wind Gap and walked right into Delaware Water Gap. Up in these parts we are hitting a town almost everyday. It is nice to have the option to jump into town for food or a shower if you want.

The Gap was a fun town because we had several visitors. The night we got in town our good ol pal Hermes came for beers!! Gonzo and I had not seen him since we had walked into the horrible snow in the Smokies and were so excited to be able to catch up with him. He is a PA native and is currently living fairly close to Delaware Water Gap. We got a 12 pack of beer, compliments of Hermes, and sat at a picnic table catching up.

The next morning my brother and sister in law came up from New Brunswick, NJ just to hang out for a few hours. They are the best! Besides driving over an hour, one way, just to hang out for a few hours, they also took a car load of hikers to Wal-Mart to buy food! Then they hung out at the church hiker hostel in town with us. It was a view into the hiker life during a town stop and they were great sports about it. I am excited to have them as my northern trail support!

After Evan and Katelyn left, we hit the trail, hiking out of PA and into NJ. Sun Fish Pond is just a bit over the state line and is the only exciting thing on the trail in Jersey. So far it seems that the Jersey section of the trail is about as one would expect of Jersey. It's muddy and there are trees in the way and over all it feels a bit like the turnpike. Northern Jersey is a lot of very pretty farm land and just last night we stayed at a beautiful shelter built by a farmer on the edge of his property. It had a well drawn spigot and a shower nestled by the rustic shack in his fields.

Today we did a nice, short day to Vernon, NJ which included almost a mile of board walks over a marshy area. Currently we are at another church hostel (interesting how all the sudden there are so many here in the north) and will be staying the night. They offer a shower and laundry to hikers and only ask a donation.

We will be walking into NY within a day or so and Evan and Katelyn will be coming to visit again on Saturday. By the time that happens, we should be halfway through NY and once we really start getting into New England things will begin to take on new form. Terrain becomes harder again but the payoff is better. It will be refreshing. Until then, many people seem to be in a bit of a rut as far as enjoying themselves. But having good friends around you makes it worth it, always.


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