The Past Month: In Words and Photos

As many close to me know, I just spent a month up North visiting my brother and sister-in-law and Jeremy.

The first two weeks were spent as a groupie for Disney on Ice as I followed them from Trenton, NJ to Portland, Maine. Trenton is certifiable terrible in the eyes of any one who has experienced it, but it is close to my brother's home in New Brunswick, NJ so I traveled between the two often. Portland was an amazing city. It was beautiful, the people are as nice as Southerners, there a multiple music venues, it is a stellar beer city and even has a good art scene. Most definitely the best east coast city besides Asheville, NC, which wins because it is surrounded by mountains rather than the ocean. A huge Norester came through while we were in Portland and I hope that is the most snow I will ever have to see in my life. But on the good side it gave the Disney crew a few days off.

After the second week with them I went back to New Brunswick and spent the next two weeks with my brother and sister-in-law. Ever since he moved up six or seven years ago, I have gotten the hard sell from an array of people to move up as well. New Brunswick as a city is a fairly undesirable place. Besides having to learn all the places its not safe to be, and getting used to people being annoyed with the fact you're alive, even something like driving is nearly impossible because the roads make no sense and in-town you are constantly dodging bad drivers, inattentive walkers, trash cans rolling in the street and parked delivery trucks. But, for as much as the city itself bothers me, the community of people and the direction that community is head is very, very attractive. New Brunswick may not seem like the place I would want to live my life but there are definitely things there I would want to do with my life. It is a strange tension.

Here are some photos of the past month.

A panorama of the Hudson River running through Bear Mountain State Park in New York. We detoured driving from Trenton to Portland in order to see some AT.

Moments after the pano. The Palisades interstate is a beautiful route.

 Portland, ME. I'd never seen snow and ocean at the same place.

 Ate steamed lobster for the first time in my life. 

One day I drove up to Lake Sebago and learned a lot about ice fishing from and old man named Benjamin.

The results of the blizzard. Really, this build up of snow is from the wind blowing it up against the wall but it looks crazy. 30 inches is still a lot of snow, though.

 Snow and geese in Buccleuch Park in New Brunswick, which is across the street from my brother and sister-in-law's house.

 The the snow melted...

 Also, The OQ Cafe opened up across the Raritan River from New Brunswick over in Highland Park. My brother and an old room mate, Ben, started the OQ Roastery several years back and now Ben and his wife Jes have gone full blown Coffee Shop with it! Very exciting and a great place to hang out and see the best people in New Brunswick!


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