Woody Gap to Tesnatee Gap: A Photo Essay

The trailhead at Woody Gap: 
Beginning of the Blood Mountain Wilderness 
inside the Chattahoochee Forest 

 One of many views.

A tree, or trees, in the shape of an "h'. 
I saw it and exclaimed, "This hike brought to you be the letter 'h'!"
You know, like Sesame Street.

The Blood Mountain Shelter as you approach it from Jarrard Gap.

 To the right of the shelter as photographed above, there is a very big rock with a fantastic view from the top. Here is the newly (2011) rebuilt (wooden beams and ceiling) Blood Mountain shelter from the top. 

Part of the view from the top of the rock next to the shelter. 
I wish I could have gotten on the tip of the cliff jutting out on the right. 

The sun setting through the stormy clouds from the top of the rock.

Me, at the base of Blood Mountain, in Neels Gap.

 Mating bugs on the Jarrard Gap sign post.

 A fern gully in Miller Gap.

 Sun set from the top of Blood Mountain.

An indention in the cement floor of the shelter. I am not sure if the floor has been reworked since the shelter was first constructed by the CCC in the 1930's, but maybe it is an antique hammer form.


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